RISE UP California is a community which values diversity, respects each other, takes civic engagement seriously, and is willing to work for good education, employment and health care for all, security, and a clean and safe environment.

Rise Up California supports these intentions by

  • advocating for voter education and engagement;

  • holding elected and appointed officials accountable;

  • researching issues and providing accurate information and resources;

  • identifying, recruiting and electing officials at every level of government who support our goals and principles;

  • and networking with many other groups, which can focus on specific aspects of this wide range of issues.

We are united and driven by the following principles:

  • Recognition that diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of our nation.  We will defy all attempts to divide and exclude others through discrimination and/or racist acts.

  • Government has a vital role in assuring the safety and protection of all members of our community.  We will defend safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare and other necessary government programs that come under assault.

  • Protection of the environment is key to our survival as a planet.  We will act to and advocate for the responsible use of the earth's resources.