We've had time to vent, realize this isn't a dream and get through the holidays now it is time to stop talking and for the rubber to hit the road!!!

Confirmation hearings start on Monday...ACTION REQUIRED...

1. READ INDIVISIBLE... teaches you how to make your sustained activism more effective

2. GET ORGANIZED...make lists of the people and issues you are going to fight... with phone and address for both district and Washington offices plus their e-mail, website,and facebook sites.

3. MENTALLY PREPARE...this is a Marathon...hard work for FOUR years.

We all have to figure out a plan on how to maintain a high level of involvement over a long period of time. The Trump administration is counting on wearing us down.

MY MENTAL PLAN: To keep my spirits UP during this period of constant frustrations, I am calling this my new HOBBY and am embracing the fact that I am going to meet so many new like-minded people

MY ACTION PLAN: At the minimum, I plan to work on fighting the Trump administration every night while I watch Rachel Maddow. This will help create the consistency that this fight requires.

SHARE your plans!!

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