OK, I'm starting to already get emotional about what is going to happen the end of this week (the inauguration). Talk about the double whammy...losing President Obama and his incredible family and then having Donald as his replacement. Here are a few seemingly little things I plan to do to cope....PLEASE JOIN ME...

1. Commit to always referring to our 44th president as "PRESIDENT" Obama. It is easy to get lazy and call him 'Obama' ...let's go the extra mile and give him the respect he has earned. (thank you Blake for this wise lesson)

2. On Thursday night before you go to bed it would be wonderful if everyone on RISE UP changed their profile and cover photos to pictures of President Obama and/ or photos of his family.. Let's keep it up through the weekend

3. I intend to never refer to Donald, Donny, Don with the honorable title of President...NEVER! I am going to try not to use "trump" ...he loves his is how he makes the bulk of his money now...licensing his name.


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