Invite like-minded family and friends to join RISE UP (we need to build our numbers)


Join your local Democratic Club, Indivisible, Swing , Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club etc. (make sure you are connected with a local like-minded tribe for hands-on action and camaraderie during these depressing times)


CALL, WRITE and CALL some more…it works. Get a routine, daily if possible


Build an e-mail list of 10-50 like-minded friends. People are busy and don’t always have time for fb so when we need to activate people to call, write, vote etc. we can share directly with our personal lists.


SHARE YOUR PASSION – if it is education, the environment, net neutrality…we can’t all stay on top of everything. Let us know when ACTION IS NEEDED…make it easy for us to act… who to call with #’s and e-mail addresses and the deadline


Help us manage the RISE-UP site. Let’s PLEASE keep the memes to an absolute minimum (we will delete if you get carried away) Try not to post duplicate articles. If a post is inaccurate let us know. If a post is from a weak source give us better one. NO arguing about progressive vs moderate…use your anger against the Trump administration. When you disagree with someone it must be done civilly or we will delete abusive comments even if we agree with your argument. The RISE UP site won’t be perfect but help us keep its standard of sharing accurate info in a civil manner that results in us all taking action against the Trump Administration.


Register people to vote. MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PURGED!!!


Make sure you have given your e-mail address to the RISE -UP website when we need to send out a mass communication


Find a campaign to work on


RESIST DAILY…never let anyone think this is acceptable governance

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